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Need a better shed?  FutureBuilder sheds are Tuffer than Tuff!

We don't believe you can buy a better-made shed.  We also don't know of any wood sheds available for less.  Check out for yourself why we are the best:

Features at a glance

6 sizes available: 14' x 8' (largest size not requiring a building permit), 12' x 8', 10' x 8', 8' x 8', 8' x 6', & 8' x 4'
Quality wood construction
Professionally designed by an architect for strength and long-life
Prices include paint!
Free delivery and on-site installation in Tucson city limits (small charge depending on how far outside city limits)

We also believe we make the most attractive sheds available, coming standard with complimentary trim!

What makes us better?

First of all, wood sheds are the most durable, heavy-duty sheds available.  Sheet metal and plastic sheds do not even begin to compare in terms of strength and longevity when exposed to the elements.  (Here are some photos showing the toll intense Arizona sun and weather has taken on inferior sheds we've been asked to replace.)  With only standard maintenance (like a new coat of paint every few years) our sheds should last as long as you own your home.

And our wood sheds are the best available:

Floor-  Our floor system is considerably more advanced than competitors.  For the longest lasting floor, it's important to keep all floor framing off the ground, whether that framing be steel or wood.  (Scroll to the bottom of our sheds we've replaced page for just one of many examples why.)  Even treated and galvanized products will ultimately rot or rust if placed on the ground.  We are the only builder we know of who frame our shed floors like a house, keeping all framing members off the ground.  Our entire floor frame is made of termite & moisture-resistant treated lumber, sits on treated runners, and they in turn rest on concrete bricks rather than the ground.  The only part of our floor that is in contact with the ground is concrete.  For flooring, we use 3/4" Sturdifloor(tm)--specifically designed and marketed as the premiere sheathing for floors--rather than generic plywood, or even worse, the cheap OSB that many of our competitors use (a substitute for plywood that is more prone to structural failure if it gets wet).

Walls-  Our walls are stronger because we space our studs much closer than competitors at 16" rather than 24". We sheath our sheds with SmartSide(tm) premium siding, which is specifically engineered for sheds, and the best siding panel available.  Finally, we paint our sheds with multiple coats of the thickest exterior paint to protect them from the elements.  Our competitors charge extra on top of their published base prices to paint your shed- make sure you ask how much!  Do you want to spend your weekend painting your shed, or have it fully finished and ready as soon as we leave?

Roof-  Our goal is to keep your contents as cool as possible.  We are the only builder we know of who provide a Cool Roof standard, and every one of our sheds comes standard with a simple but highly efficient built-in ventilation system at the peak that makes noisy, leak-prone turbine vents things of the past.  A two inch roof overhang and drip edge help protect the siding while maintaining a compact footprint that can be placed right up against walls & fences. 

Fasteners-  As with our raw materials, we only use the best. Our siding is attached with galavanized ring-shank nails which resist dislodging far greater than regular nails.  And our roof system is anchored with Simpson Strong Ties(tm), rated for hurricane-force winds.

Door, Hardware & Security-  Our doors are much larger than standard house doors at 4' wide by nearly 7' high.  You will have plenty of headroom in our sheds.  Our hinges and lockable latches provide far greater security than our competitors: they're bolted through the shed wall with lock nuts.  (Anyone armed with a only a screwdriver could remove the locked doors on the sheds of many of our competitors by simply unscrewing the exposed hinges!)  And if you want the ultimate in security, order an insulated steel entry door (likely stronger than the door to your house), complete with deadbolt lockset for only $175 more (which is essentially our cost, and the option we most highly recommend).

Prices (including paint, free delivery, and on-site assembly!)

Size Price
8' x 4' $1435 is your total, final cost!
8' x 6' $1545 is your total, final cost!
8' x 8' $1635 is your total, final cost!
10' x 8' $1765 is your total, final cost!
12' x 8' $1885 is your total, final cost!
14' x 8' $2015 is your total, final cost!

WITH ALL SHED ORDERS: please specify which side you want the door hinges on: left or right.
AND when ordering sheds 8' x 8' or larger, please specify if you want the door on the gable end (standard placement, as in the photo above) or on the side.
(8' x 6' & 8' x 4' sheds generally require the door in the standard placement on the 8' gable end as in the photo above.)

Customization Options

Click here for photos of many of these installed options:
Option Price & Details
Delivery outside Tucson city limits Typically $50 for distances up to 25 miles from the intersection of I-10 and I-19, or $2/mile for distances over 25 miles (installation typically takes 2 days, which means 2 trips are almost always necessary to complete shed installation, but you only pay this charge once). This means delivery to Sahuarita, Green Valley, Marana, Catalina, and Vail are $50 (or close to it).
Single-slope shed roof $0.  We can provide a single-slope shed roof (rather than the standard gable roof style pictured in the photo above), sloping in any direction, for no additional cost.
Barn-style gambrel roof $150.  Some prefer a barn-style gambrel roof. We can also add a wood trim "X" to any of our 4' shed doors for an additional $35, to complete the traditional barn look.
36"w x 6'-8"h insulated steel house door $175.  The ultimate in security. Includes key-matched deadbolt and locking handle.
32"w x 44"h acrylic 'plexiglass' window $85.  High-impact acrylic is much stronger than glass. Allows light in, does not open. Window sill height is 3'-2" above the floor.
Full-wall-width acrylic 'plexiglass' clerestory window $85 for walls 8' or shorter, $135 for walls longer than 8'.  High-impact acrylic is much stronger than glass. Allows light in, does not open. 12" tall clerestory window runs the full width of the wall. Typically installed with sill at 6'-5" above outside ground to discourage prying eyes (5'-10" above inside floor). Also available in ultra-strong 1/4" acrylic (rather than standard 1/8" thickness) for $35 more.
30"w x 48"h white vinyl single-hung window $185.  A higher-quality window than the basic aluminum slider windows competitors use. Insulated double-pane glass window opens for air circulation and access. Sill height 2'-10" above floor.
Shelving $7 x shelf length.  12" wide shelf attaches directly to wall studs. Please specify desired location on which interior wall (as viewed from the door), and desired height above floor.
4' x 4' ramp $135.  Provides easier access into the shed for wheelbarrows, motorcycles, dollies, etc. Made of moisture- & termite-resistant treated wood with composite decking surface for weather resistance and long-life.
Pet door Cost + $25.  We've had customers who want to give their pooch the ultimate doghouse :) You buy the pet door you want, and we'll install it for only $25.
Steel roof $15 x shed length.  Corrugated galvanized steel panels provide the most durable roofing material.
12" roof overhang + 15% of base price.  Provides extra protection from sun and rain.

Standard window placement: If you order 1 window, it will be centered in the back wall (opposite the door). If you order 2, they will be at or near the center of the side walls (side window location in some sheds is slightly forward or to the rear of center due to structural framing location). If you would like alternate, custom placements, just let us know ($25 extra per window).

How can we offer such great sheds at such low prices?

People ask us all the time how we can sell our higher-quality sheds for less than competitors.  Simple: the primary purpose of this program is educational.  Experienced builders work with students to build sheds under the supervision of builder and teacher Michael Esser.  We do not pay ourselves wages, but we do split whatever profit we make from each shed based on each person's individual contributions to the team project.  We partner with local schools and organizations to offer construction and business education opportunities to students in high school or higher level education, who need income to help support their families while completing their schooling.  So you can feel good about helping them, while getting a high quality product at a great price.

Check out our competitors

We are absolutely confident that we make the best sheds available, at the best prices.  So confident, that we want to make it easy for you to check out the current prices and features of our competitors.  We also provide this information as a service to those looking for sheds larger than we specialize in.

Besides us, there are only five listings under Storage Sheds in the Tucson Qwest Dex(tm) yellow pages (as of this writing January 2007).  Phil's Sheds, The Original Shed Company (formerly known as Tuff Shed), and Shed Shoppe are the only other local wood shed builders we know of that have a web site.  Check out the currently published price lists for Phil's Sheds and The Original Shed Company (Shed Shoppe's site doesn't provide price information), being sure to add many hundreds of dollars to their base prices for paint, ventilation, and sales tax before comparing to your final price with us above.  Shed Depot and Aquarius Manufacturing are the two listings found in the yellow pages without web sites (they may not even make wood sheds).

We also encourage you to visit us and our competitors to see our respective sheds being built.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to visit us.

Ready to buy, or have additional questions?

Please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact us online, or call 338-8005!


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